Rules and Regulations for San Jacinto Wildlife Area

As a service to all heading out to duck hunt at San Jacinto Wildlife Area I will post the rules and regulations for the area.

Handicap reservations will be assigned to designated handicap sites only!

You MUST hunt from your designated hunt site or you will be removed.

No mechanical spinning wing decoys until after December 1st.

Bag limit:

Ducks – limit 7.   Possession limit is double the daily bag limit.

Of the limit of 7 ducks you may include the following:

Canvasback 1 either sex.

Pintail 2 either sex.

Mallard 7 but only 2 may be female.

Redhead 2 either sex.

Scaup 3 either sex (no scaup may be taken before November 6th).

In addition to the ducks you are allowed 25 coots.  (personally I don’t see what anyone would want one for)

Geese limit – 8.  Up to 6 may be white and 3 may be dark.

Black Brant – 2.  Only opened between November 13th to December 12th.


Reservation card holders will be taken first then a drawing for unused spots and refill will be conducted.

Each blind is allowed 2 adult and 2 junior hunters.

Last time to refill is now 1 PM (this is a change from the information published by Fish and Game, which was 2 PM – due to budget considerations).

No lead shot allowed.  Steel, bismuth or tungsten ammo only.  25 shell limit in the field.

Please pick up ALL trash and spent shells.

All hunters MUST check in and out at the check station.  Keep your entry permit card, issued to you when you checked in, with you at all times while in the field.

YOU MUST CHECK IN ALL BIRDS TAKEN.  Please bring all birds to the check station for DFG personal view before you leave.  Failure to do so will result in loss of hunting opportunities.

No jump shooting, no standing and shooting from the levees (as mentioned before you must hunt from your designated hunt site).  No skyscraping.

San Jacinto Wildlife Area is a type A wildlife area.  There is a $17.75 day use fee for adult hunters.  (or, if your hunt as much as I do a season pass, at $144.21 is a great deal.  That comes out to about $5.15 for each hunt day if you’re fortunate enough to be able to go every day.  Or, on your 9th hunt you’re ahead of the game).

No dogs permitted in the check station and dogs must be leashed unless actually engaged in hunting.


If you have any problems or concerns while hunting in the wildlife area  you can report the problem to the check station office at 951-928-0580.

Good luck and good hunting.

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