Welcome to SoCalHunt.Com’s Hunting Blog!

Welcome to SoCalHunt.Com’s blog!

This is where local hunting reports, gear reviews, hunting photos and hunting tips will be posted.  As things progress more will be added.  I plan on, as a start, posting the hunting results from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, (my favorite place to hunt), and starting off with a few tips and maybe some gear reviews here and there.  Of course photos of our recent hunts will also be included, both here and on the main web site, at http://www.socalhunt.com .  I’m using this blog to contain all of the hunting reports and such as it is easier to update then the web site.  Right now, as I am usually hunting twice a week at San Jacinto, this blog will be updated as often as I have time to do it, however, hunting does come first so please be patient with me.  I will try to get the hunt results from San Jacinto up as soon as I get them (likely the day after the hunt day).

Thanks for looking at my blog and check back often for updates, hunt reports, photos, gear reviews and more.

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