SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunt Report 12/8/10

Today we have a hunting report from SoCalHunt.

I drew a mid-range reservation today so my hunting partner and myself headed out to San Jacinto Wildlife Area. The trip got off with a less then auspicious start when I jumped in the truck and turned the key only to hear…, click, click… Oh no! Dead battery! I quickly rousted my son, who couldn’t go today due to work, out of bed to jump me and, fortunately, was on my way with only about a 10-minute delay. I picked up my hunting buddy (not turning off the truck for fear it wouldn’t start again) and off we went to San Jacinto.

It looked like a good number of the reservation holders had shown up this morning but there was still a couple of the “top” blinds left when we stepped up to the counter and Tom quickly marked the blind number on our card and away we went. Luckily the truck had enough of a charge to the battery from the trip down and it started right up…whew! We got to our blind site and set up. The blind we chose was a San Jacinto standard hog-wire blind but was partially surrounded on the south side by some fairly tall tule reeds. As we waited for start time birds were buzzing the blind and landing in our pond.

About 2 minutes before start time someone decided they couldn’t wait any longer and the shooting started. Of course, the birds sitting in our pond vacated the area. Since we don’t shoot early we watched several nice large ducks fly away into the gathering morning light. After that there was a fairly continual pick at the ducks as we’d have one or two come by the blind every few minutes. We dropped a few early but couldn’t seem to connect as consistently as we would have liked.

The day was a little cold to start with but as the sun came up it warmed up fast and we were down to t-shirts fairly quickly.

This was probably fortunate as, while wading across the pond, I caught my foot on a weed or something on the bottom and went down in the pond, getting fairly well soaked in the process. I stripped off the t-shirt and put it on the blind to dry and put my sweatshirt back on for the time being. I pulled the waders down and let the sun do its work.

As has been reported here at SoCalHunt there are geese in the area and we saw several flights, most up around where the C5A’s, from nearby March Field, fly. We did have one large flight of about 80 Canadas come by, still way out of range, but a lot lower the most of them.

About 10:30 most of the birds seemed to quit flying, except for the spoonys, and we had a decent pick on the spoons throughout the remainder of our hunt. At about 2:05 we dropped our last duck and ended the day with two full limits!

The total for our bird count for the day was, 1 scaup, 1 widgeon, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback and 9 shovelers. All in all a very enjoyable day at San Jacinto. So, if you need one of us we’ll be picking birds for the next few hours.

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