Info for San Jacinto Wildlife Area for Hunt Day Wednesday – 12/29/10

Due to the predicted incoming storm for this Wednesday, 12/29/10, I called Tom Trakes at San Jacinto to get a report on conditions at the refuge.

Tom advised that Wednesday’s hunt will definitely be walk-in only, and will probably be so for the remainder of the season. The road out to the blinds from the check station is completely under water from about pond 3 to the “V”. Tom also reported that the road out to Walkers is under water too over by the “F” ponds.

So, if you’re going, pack light and be prepared to hoof it. Remember you can only have 25 shells in the field so, obviously (unless you’re some kind of stud cross-country runner), there won’t be any going back to the truck to get more if you run out, so pick your shots carefully.

As for getting to the check station Tom told me that Davis road is passable but in rough shape. Tom said, “Its like driving on the moon”. The road is real pitted and rough. Tom said the county might come in and level it out with a grader but they’d probably need at least a week of dry weather before they’ll do that so who knows when, or if, that will happen. So, for Davis Road, the advice is to take it slow, slow, slow.

The good aspect of all this rain is that Mystic Lake has finally reappeared! Tom told me that Mystic is about 1/3 full and is still coming up. Tom said he was out at one of the old shoreline blinds on Mystic the other day and the lakeshore was about 75 yards from the blind. San Jacinto always shoots better when Mystic lake has water as it gives the birds a place to rest right next to the refuge.

San Jacinto is open for waterfowl hunting on Wednesdays and Saturdays only. You can put in for reservations through the state reservation system (your card has to be to Fish and Game in Sacramento 17 days in advance to get in on the drawing – buy one day and five day reservation cards at your local license agent AKA: sporting goods store) or you can get in on the daily “sweatline” drawing for the remaining blinds after the reservations are taken care of. Reservation spots are given out starting at 3 AM and the “sweatline” drawing is done after that. You can also show up for an afternoon refill hunt but the last refill is at 1 PM. For more information, contact the staff at San Jacinto at 951-928-0580.

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