SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunt Report 1/8/11

This report from San Jacinto is sort of a mini-report.

My hunting partner and I headed out to San Jacinto Wildlife Area for refill hunt. We did a refill so we could again take my partner’s daughter with us. Also, we had to cut it a little short, as he had to be back in town for a family event about 5 pm. This shows one of the real beauties of San Jacinto Wildlife Area as there’s virtually no place else you could go for a 4 hour “quickie” hunt and be back in town so soon.

When we got to the check station at about 9:45 am we signed in on the refill list and were surprised to see we were #14 on the refill. Since we had to leave early we needed to get out there in any blind fast or it wouldn’t be worth going out. As it was yet another walk-in day due to the recent rains, Tom had Aurelio go out in the DFG truck to shuttle in any hunters that were calling it a day that early and told him to call in as he picked up people so that he could refill the blinds as soon as possible. After a few minutes wait Tom’s phone rang and Aurelio reported to Tom that there were 3 hunting groups coming in and gave him the blind numbers. One of these blind was a good one and no one ahead of us on the refill list wanted it so we got our cards and headed to the truck to get our gear.

About the time we had all our stuff ready to go Aurelio arrived and dropped off the guys that were leaving and picked us up to take us out. The “San Jacinto Express Shuttle Service” is really the way to go!

In short order we were in our blind and hunting. We had just about 4 hours of hunting time before we would have to pull our gear and leave and we wanted to make the most of it. A short time later a couple shovelers came by and my partner dropped one. It came down in the neighboring pond still kicking and the chase was on. After a short pursuit (short in distance – long if you’re the one humping it through the mud) my buddy collected his bird. We were constantly seeing birds in the air but most did not come within range. Some did come very close to that imaginary line between a legitimate shot and skyscraping but we held off hoping for one more, slightly closer pass, which didn’t happen. While we were waiting for birds to come in some ding-dong in a light plane decided to buzz the valley at about 50 feet off the deck. You probably could have bagged him with #3 shot. He was way too low. I don’t know if this is some new sport or what as, although I didn’t report it in the last hunting report, we had another plane low over the valley on Wednesday.

The day was real hazy and was not conducive to the usual gorgeous San Jacinto photographs. Below is the best I could get today.

Anyway, back to hunting. Not too long after another couple of spoonys swung in and I dropped one. We had a couple more opportunities, which we didn’t score on, and, finally running out of time, we settled for our two shovelers and packed up the gear and departed.

So it was a short but sweet hunt of a little less then 4 hours but where else could you do that? And, what the heck, 4 hours of hunting is a lot better then no hours of hunting in my book.

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