2010/2011 Season Sunrise / Sunset Recap

San Jacinto Wildlife Area, in most cases, offers hunters a great bonus when they hunt the area. Below, in order of appearance, were most of the sunrises or sunsets on the days we hunted San Jacinto this year. There are a few days, due to rain, where there was no opportunity for a sunrise or sunset picture but the majority of our hunt days either dawned or set under beautiful skies. Presented for your enjoyment:

(Click on the image for a full sized picture)

Sunrise 10/23/10

Sunrise 10/27/10

Sunset 10/30/10

Sunrise 11/10/10

Sunrise 11/17/10

Sunset 11/24/10

Sunrise 11/27/10

Sunrise 12/8/10

Sunset 12/29/10

Sunrise 1/5/11

Sunrise 1/12/11

Sunrise 1/15/11

Sunrise 1/19/11

Sunrise 1/26/11

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