SoCalHunt’s Report on San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Volunteer Clean Up Day

My hunting buddy and I attended, as part of about 15 volunteers, to assist the San Jacinto staff in getting the refuge’s blinds cleaned up from the recently ended waterfowl season’s use. The volunteers were divided up into small groups and spread out through the refuge, plastic bags in hand, to clean up any spent shell, wads or other miscellaneous trash left out in and around the blinds.

I am currently recovering from knee surgery (2 weeks ago), which limited my participation, but I was able to pick up a small amount of shells, wads and other stuff along the shoreline of the E, B and C ponds. My hunting buddy, however, waded out to the blinds in those ponds and was able to pick up an entire 30-gallon trash bag full of trash, which I would guess weighed about 20 pounds, along with an old stray decoy. Other participants picked up similar bags of trash.

After the clean up Tom, Tim and Durk hosted a nice BBQ hot dog lunch for all the volunteers. Tom cooks up a mean hot dog.

It was great to once again get out on the refuge. Many ducks were still in the area and the scenery, as always, did not disappoint. It was nice to see the wildflowers splashing their colors across the landscape, something much different then we usually get to see during the waterfowl season when they are dormant.

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