Big Changes Coming for Check Station Operations for the 2011/2012 Waterfowl Season

The California Department of Fish and Game has announced some big changes for their refuge check station operations for the 2011/2012 waterfowl season. Quoting the DFG press release:

“Beginning with the 2011/2012 waterfowl season, hunters will be required to purchase any needed season passes and stamps in advance from DFG license agents or license sales offices.

The DFG’s new Automated License Data System (ALDS) replaces the current paper-based licensing system. Under ALDS, licenses, stamps, permits, and passes will be printed instantly, on generic license stock, using point of sale equipment at DFG license sales offices and at approximately 1,400 license agent locations throughout the State and in bordering states. It is not feasible to have ALDS terminals installed at check stations.

The ALDS will give every DFG license agent the ability to sell all hunting license items, including these items. Additionally, for the 2011/2012 hunting season, licenses, stamps and passes, will be available for purchase online from the DFG website at:

We advise hunters to pre-purchase all licenses, stamps, permits, two-day and season passes, before arriving at the Hunter Check Stations next season (2011/2012).”

Now this, at least to me, was unclear as to if they would be selling the one-day passes at the check stations. So, rather the guess I contacted Tom Trakes at San Jacinto for the official word. Tom told me that this coming waterfowl season they would be handling no money at all at the check station. Hunters will have to obtain all their licenses, stamps, season passes and even their one-day passes from either a DFG license sales office or license agent location. This means you need to plan ahead and get your day pass before you need it. You won’t be able to decide at 10 pm the night before that you’d like to go duck hunting the next morning (unless you happen to have a day pass that you purchased in advance, or a season pass, on hand).

This, in my opinion, is another good reason to buy a season pass from the DFG. If you’re even a moderately avid duck hunter you’ll probably go more then 8 times in the season and after that you’re saving money every time you go over buying the day passes.

Another good thing this will bring about is that the check-in line in the morning should go much quicker as everyone will either have their required licenses, stamps and passes and will just have to pick their blind site or they won’t have them and they’ll be asked to leave. So, don’t make the drive for nothing. Make sure you have your license, stamps and passes (preferably your season long pass) before you get to the check station.

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