San Jacinto Volunteer Work Day Date Moved – Now September 24th

Tom Trakes of San Jacinto Wildlife Area advised SoCalHunt that the next volunteer work day date that was originally set for September 17th has been changed to Saturday, September 24th. Tom advised that this would be a general “tune up” of the refuge, brushing up some blinds, checking and repairing blind seats, checking and repairing blind signs and just a general clean up / brush up.

Tom advised that the ponds are being flooded for the season and there are already some ducks using the area. There are some new pit blinds and some other blinds have been rebuilt. Things are shaping up for the season.

Tom said the since the ponds are flooding volunteers should bring waders and, if they can get any, bring some palm fronds to brush up some of the blinds. Tom said that the last volunteer work day, which was on August 13th had a great turnout and he’s hoping for a similar response from San Jacinto hunters again.

Any questions please call San Jacinto Wildlife Area at (951) 928-0580 or Tom Trakes (951) 236-3040.

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