SoCalHunt Hunting Report for 11/16/11

San Jacinto Wildlife Area at 0300 once again SoCalHunt was awaiting the sweatline drawing. After the lucky reservation holders were set hustling out to their blinds Jessie brought out sweatline bucket and was shortly announcing the names.

We got lucky today and were drawn fairly early from the bucket. When we approached the counter we saw that one of the prime blinds was still available. We grabbed it quick and we were on our way. It was a foggy morning and appeared to get even foggier as we drove toward our hunting spot.

There was a lot of light cover on this pond mixed with areas of open water and some large stands of tules. We set or decoys and got back in the blind to await start time. Start time rolled around and, for a change, the first shot on the refuge wasn’t heard until it was actually start time. This may have been because it was so darn foggy that you couldn’t see any birds until they were virtually right on top of us. Visibility as probably about 50 feet at start time and many ducks came looming out of the fog and disappeared again before we could shoulder our shotguns.

Not too long after start time a nice cinnamon teal drake zipped by the blind and my partner dropped him with a well-placed shot. Shortly after that a spoony hen swung in towards the decoys and I splashed her in the pond. Ducks kept coming in at a good pace but the fog handicapped us a little as you had to be looking in exactly the right direction when a bird broke out of the fog to even have a chance of getting a shot off. We managed to drop a couple more spoonys and a couple more teal as the morning progressed. The fog hung in a long time and finally started to burn off just a little after 9:00 am.

Shortly after the fog started to clear a nice mallard hen turned in towards the decoys and I was able to nail her with one shot. She tumbled out of the sky and thumped on the dike about ten feet in front of our blind. We managed a couple more birds and things started to slow down some. Since the sun had made an appearance it was getting quite warm and about noon we decided to call it a day. We had a total of nine ducks, one mallard, three shovelers and five cinnamon teal.

Anyway, it was a very satisfying day. We had a good number of ducks and had experienced some fun shooting, some of it very challenging because of the fog. Another great day of waterfowl hunting at San Jacinto Wildlife Area.

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