SoCalHunt Now Has Downloadable Maps for San Jacinto Wildlife Area now has downloadable maps for San Jacinto Wildlife Area. The maps available are the Fish & Game directional map to SJWA, the most recent waterfowl area map for SJWA (showing all blind locations and whether they are island blinds or have a walkway out to them and if they are pit blinds, hog wire blinds or natural cover blinds), A downloadable page of the current SJWA rules, a map of the Walkers blinds only and a map showing the boundaries of the entire SJWA (excluding the Portero Unit which isn’t opened to the public yet anyway). You can download these maps to your computer by clicking on the thumbnail and then you can print up as many as you need.

To obtain any or all of these map downloads go to SoCalHunt’s web site (not this blog site) at:

Click on “maps & downloads” near the top of the page and you’re there! There is also a link on the page to the google map location of San Jacinto’s check station. At this link you can put your address in and get directions right to SJWA’s front door.

BTW – While you’re there check out the rest of SoCalHunt’s web site. I think you’ll like it.

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