SoCalHunt Hunting Report for 12/21/11

SoCalHunt headed to San Jacinto Wildlife Area to try another afternoon refill hunt. We arrived at about 10:00 am and there appeared to be a lot of hunters waiting to refill. When we put our names in we saw we were way down on the refill list. We checked the board and I noticed that one of my favorite blinds was available. Since no one wanted that blind, and we were far enough down the refill list that I didn’t think we could do better, we decided to give it a try.

My hunting partner today brought his dog along and we were hoping for a decent afternoon shoot so we could get the dog some retrieving work. After setting our decoys and setting up the blind we settled in hoping for the birds to come pouring in. It was a dead calm bluebird day and after a couple hours of seeing nothing flying hope was fading. At least we had some beautiful views with the mountains in the background covered in snow.

After a while a pair of teal flashed by the blind and I knocked the trailing bird down with one shot. She hit the water swimming and headed for the shoreline brush and tules only about five feet away. My partner sent his Springer over to the area but after about 10 minutes of searching and kicking numerous coots out of the brush and tules the teal eluded the search.

About an hour or so later another pair of teal came by and I dropped another one. She crashed behind some shoreline tules to the west of where the first bird went down and the search was on again. Once more the bird was able to escape, despite the dog’s efforts, and we were still empty handed. Very disappointing to loose two ducks in a row like that, especially since we even had the assistance of a well-trained dog today. Unfortunately the sun set and those were the only two opportunities we had today.

Even though my shooting was 100%, dropping two birds with two shots, we still weren’t able to put them in the bag. Well, that’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting. Disappointing, but we’ll be back and hopefully do better the next time.

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