SoCalHunt Hunting Report for 1/11/12

SoCalHunt was at San Jacinto Wildlife Area once again with our second reservation of the season. We had a reservation in the top third of the reservation numbers and felt fortunate to get one more reservation at good old “SJ”. Especially so, considering we’ve seen some people on some of the Internet forums complaining they have not drawn one reservation all season. We were pleased to see Warden Kyle Chang and his partner at the check station as we were sure that this would prevent the early shooting that seems to occur almost every hunt day. When our turn came at the counter we chose our blind and headed out to set up.

We only had until about 9 am this morning as my partner had to get home for a family obligation in the afternoon. As shoot time rolled around our prediction of no early shooting came true, however, we weren’t sure if it was because the Wardens were about or because there was nothing to shoot at. This was, in fact, the first time this season that we didn’t have at least a bird or two in or around our decoys just before shoot time. Things were slow in our area as the shooting started but it didn’t sound like anybody was shooting a lot, although there were shots heard every few minutes, mostly to the west of us, during the first hour or so. We had one bird come in range not long after start time but I wasn’t able to connect on that one.

Today’s sunrise was interesting as the skies were overcast but the clouds weren’t real thick. In the east the sky was bright red and, at the same time, in the west the setting full moon was visible through the thin clouds.

We had a couple more ducks come in range but didn’t make the shots. Just before we had to quit for the day we were watching and calling at a duck flying high down the center of the pond we were on and, while our attention was diverted by that bird, a drake green wing came swooping in not 20 yards out from the blind and exited before either of us could react and raise our shotguns.

A few minutes after nine we started to pick up under gray skies reflected on the glassy water of our pond. We had managed to fire only 5 shots between the two of us today.

Well, disappointing today. With a reservation we figured to at least bag a few before we had to leave. And, in a perfect world we should have had three birds between us but that’s the way it goes sometimes. We’ll be back to try again soon. We’d still rather be out there with a chance at getting some shooting, and hopefully some birds, then to set at home. No matter if its birds flying right and left or just one here and there one thing for sure, if you’re not out there, you can’t bag any sitting on your couch at home.

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