2011 / 2012 Season Sunrise / Sunset Recap

One, or maybe I should say two, of my favorite times of day while hunting at San Jacinto Wildlife Area is sunrise and/or sunset. San Jacinto just seems to have some of the most spectacular beginning and ending to the hunt days there. This year, as usual, was no exception. Below, in order of appearance, are most of the sunrises or sunsets on the days we hunted San Jacinto this year. There are a few days, due to fog, where there was no real opportunity for a sunrise picture but the majority of our hunt days either dawned or set under beautiful skies. Presented for your enjoyment:

(Click on the image for a full sized picture)

10/22/11 – Sunset

10/29/11 – Sunrise

11/5/11 – Sunrise

11/9/11 – Sunrise

11/16/11 – Sunrise

11/23/11 – Sunset

11/30/11 – Sunrise

12/7/11 – Sunset

12/17/11 – Sunrise

12/21/11 – Sunset

12/24/11 – Sunrise

12/28/11 – Sunrise

12/31/11 – Sunset

1/11/12 – Sunrise

1/14/12 – Sunset

1/18/12 – Sunset

1/28/12 – Sunset

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