San Jacinto Wildlife Area 2011/2012 Season Long Stats

With the ending of the 2011/2012 waterfowl season San Jacinto Wildlife Area turned in some impressive statistics for the season.

3848 adult and 297 junior hunters bagged a total of 2582 Northern Shovelers, 391 Wigeon, 17 Blue Wing Teal, 209 Bufflehead, 20 Canvasbacks, 1360 Cinnamon Teal, 913 Gadwall, 2013 Green Wing Teal, 403 Mallards, 9 Mergansers, 734 Pintail, 99 Redheads, 201 Ring Necks, 28 Scaup, 12 Wood Ducks, 4 Goldeneye, 1 Whistling Duck and 344 Ruddy Ducks. In addition there were 6 White Front Geese, 1 Aleutian Goose, 8 Snow Geese and 5 Ross’ Geese checked in this season. 359 Coot were also included in the bag for the 2011/2012 season. This came out to a total on the waterfowl of 9719 birds. The season average for 2011/2012 worked out to 2.34 waterfowl per hunter. Out of 1450 reservations 728 showed up on time to claim their spot (this was minus the reservation stats for 1/14/12 which were not provided). This worked out to 50.2% of reservation holders showing up on time for their reservations. The above numbers also included the stats for the Junior Waterfowl Hunt on February 4th.

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