Volunteer Work Day Set for San Jacinto Wildlife Area – August 4th

Tom Trakes from San Jacinto Wildlife Area advised me today that the date for the next volunteer work day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area has been set for Saturday, August 4th. As reported in SoCalHunt’s last blog entry, Tom told me that this work day will be primarily to clean out and make ready the 65 water control structures on the wildlife area’s duck ponds so they can start flooding for the upcoming season. Tom advised that anyone coming out to volunteer should bring gloves, shovels and/or hoes and lots of drinking water, since its expected to be hot. Tom also told me that the hunter’s education class that was possibly going to be held on the workday will not be held after all. After the work is done we will get together at a local Mexican restaurant for a well-deserved lunch (each person responsible for their own bill).

The next volunteer work day is tentatively set for Saturday, September 22nd and will be a blind brush-up day to prepare the blinds for the season. When this date is determined for sure you will see it here on SoCalHunt.

Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout as 65 water control structures is a lot to clean out and, of course, the more the merrier (and the less work for each person). Tom said he’s hoping for about 25 volunteers as he figures that’s what it will take to get all the work done.

If you have any questions contact Tom Trakes at the San Jacinto headquarters at (951) 236-3040, or the San Jacinto staff at (951) 928-0580.

Here’s the official flyer:

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