SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report, 10/24/12

Since I couldn’t make the opener this past Saturday, SoCalHunt ventured out to San Jacinto Wildlife Area to kick off the season with a solo afternoon refill hunt.

From what I had heard of the opener Saturday it was with a little trepidation that I rolled up to the check station right at 10 am, expecting to see a large number of trucks in the check station parking lot. I was pleasantly surprised to see only 6 trucks in the lot and figured a good blind could probably be had with just a short wait.

While I was waiting several hunting parties checked in with their birds and most of them had between 4 and a full limit of 7 ducks, with most of them being closer to limits then not. This bode well for my afternoon hunt and I was optimistic. As hunters checked in the hunters ahead of me on the refill list took the blinds they were vacating and headed out for their afternoon hunt.

About 11 am a party of hunters came in from one of the historically premium blinds with 3 full limits of cinnamon teal. It was my turn on the refill list and decided to give this blind a try. I headed out and by noon I was set up and hunting.

Not 5 minutes after I started a flock of about 10 teal swung in and landed about 80 yards from the blind. I though this was a good sign, however as soon as an adjacent blind opened up on some other birds the teal made a quick exit away from my blind.

I then sat there for nearly 2 hours without a bird coming into range. There was lots of bird activity in the pond my blind was on, just not the right kind of birds, although it did make it interesting to watch them while I waited for the “right kind”.

After a while another blind at the other end of the pond fired at some ducks and several teal I had not seen jumped up from behind some nearby bulrush, with one of them giving me a shot, which I missed.

To make a long story short I didn’t get another shot until about an hour before quitting time and, of course, flubbed that one too. There were a couple of other birds that came by that I could have had shots at, if I had been looking in the right direction when they came by, but it was not to be.

So, for my opener I fired 3 rounds for zero birds. Quite a contrast to what apparently went on in the morning, judging by the straps that came in to the check-in table while I was waiting. Anyway, as usual, the San Jacinto sunset was worth the trip anyway.

So, the way things are working out this year I probably won’t get in as many hunts as last year, although you will see every hunt I do reported here on SoCalHunt. The plan, at least for now, is to hit good old SJ next Wednesday, probably for another afternoon refill. We’ll see how things work out.

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