Antis Trying to Shut Down Hunting at State Ecological Reserve – Help Needed! Sign the Petition!!

I know that this is quite a ways away, about 500 miles, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area and the focus of this blog is really San Jacinto but when one area is attacked hunters need to stand together. If we let one area fall to the whims of the antis what hunting area is next? San Jacinto?

I will just quote the petition author’s plea from, I can’t say it any better:

“Out where I live there is a very small postage-stamp of land called the Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve. It is all that is left of a once vast bay that was open to duck hunting. We are talking 483 acres here folks, most of it un-huntable due to access and tides, however, there are a few die0-hards who still hunt there. Most of these hunters (myself included) are carrying on an age-old tradition of hunting in the area. This part of the state was once home to some of the most desired duck and game clubs in the country.

Now, some transplanted local residents want it stopped. I know it is not exactly a “duck factory” or big WA, but it is all we out here have left, and I am asking for your help. The following link will take you to an online petition started by a local hunter to save waterfowl hunting on this area. Please sign it, it takes about 2 minutes and you will be helping us keep one more place open to hunting. BTW, the area is only open to waterfowl hunting during season and waterfowl is the only authorized species of take. It is not like these people have to live next to a firing range. On most days there is less than a dozen shots fired, as very few hunters will brave the tides and mud for a few buffleheads and such. But these bunny-huggers want it all to themselves, even though the duck hunters were here first.

Thank you for your help, and please pass this along to anyone you know not on this forum.”

The web site for the petition is:

Please go on-line and sign the petition. If this refuge falls are any of our hunting areas safe?

Thanks in advance!

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