SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report – 11/7/12

SoCalHunt headed out to San Jacinto Wildlife Area once again for an afternoon refill hunt. One of my usual hunting partners was available and I arranged to meet him at the check station for our hunt.

I arrived at the check station about 9:30 am and there appeared to be about 8 or 10 trucks waiting in the parking lot. I checked in and was pretty low on the refill list. Once my partner arrived we only had to wait about 45 minutes for a good blind to check in.

Once we were out at our blind it didn’t take long to set up as I wanted to experiment today with a very small spread of decoys and my experimental tip-up rig that I made last January just before the season ended. We settled in, hoping for some flights of birds, however the dead calm bluebird sky remained empty, at least in our area, for quite a while. We did hear occasional shots from the other blinds throughout our area however.

Finally, about 2:45 a pair of Wigeon circled the pond and looked interested. My partner started pulling the cord on the tip-up rig, making the Wigeon decoy attached to it appear to be feeding off the pond. The birds circled the pond three times and then committed with wings cupped and landing gear down, just like they’re supposed to. We opened up on them at about 25 yards and the hen dropped but the drake climbed for the sky and kept going. We honestly should have had both of them but that’s the way it goes some times.

Shortly after bagging the Wigeon hen my buddy had to pack up and leave as he’s heading out for a deer hunt in Nebraska tomorrow (lucky guy!). So for the last hour and a half of shoot time I would be in the blind alone. The only other opportunity that presented its self was when a blind to the north of me began calling and I turned to see if I could see what bird(s) they were calling at. While I was looking a teal (I think) just about knocked my hat off my head as he passed over me, giving me no time to shoulder my shotgun. So, one bird, but a good quality bird and another beautiful day at good old SJ.

As quitting time rolled around the standard San Jacinto sunset painted the hazy sky bringing an end to the day.

As I was packing up my truck one of SJ’s regulars came out of the hunting area with his gear to head for home. He had refilled at about the same time we did and I asked how he had made out today. He told me he’d bagged 4 nice birds and should have had 6. He was almost right next to us but obviously had more opportunities, so, just like real estate its location, location, location. We’ll be back at San Jacinto soon, hopefully next week for another hunt.

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