Victory over the Antis! Fish and Wildlife Commission Refuses to Put the Closure of Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve on Agenda

Any of you that have been here at SoCalHunt’s blog probably remember this post back in November…

As I stated before this is quite a ways from San Jacinto but we need to stick together or we fall separately.

Well, good news!  The hunting community has won!

Here’s the news direct from Scott McMorrow who started the petition on that many of you signed:

“On 4/17/13, we presented our case before the CA Fish and Game Commission, and they voted to not put the closure of Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve on an agenda. This means that, for the time being, this area will not be closed to hunting. This outcome would not have happened without the help of each and every one of you. Thank you for signing the petition. And many, many thanks to CWA, COHA, the Houndsmen, and all the hunters for coming to the meeting to support keeping the area open. Also, many thanks and high fives to DU for helping get the word out. This was a group effort and we all share in the celebration.”

Thanks to all that signed the petition.  It just shows that, even in California it can be done.

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