Another Successful Volunteer Work Party at San Jacinto Wildlife Area

On Saturday, 8/3/13, about 20 volunteers, made up of hunters that utilize San Jacinto Wildlife Area, congregated to assist the SJ staff in getting the wildlife area ready for the coming waterfowl season.  Shortly after 7 am the volunteers broke up into their work groups and they spread out throughout the wildlife area take on their assignments.



This work party was tasked with cleaning out the water control structures throughout the area and extracting the numerous tumbleweeds blocking access to them.





Once the water control structures were cleared the San Jacinto crew started water flowing to begin the process of flooding the ponds.



Some of the ponds have already received some water prior to this work party and ducks are already starting to utilize the refuge.  Tom and the SJ staff have done a great job this year and there’s a lot of food on the refuge for the birds.



After the work party many of the volunteers met at Casa Mexicana Restaurant for a well-deserved and excellent tasting lunch.  Along with the Mexican cuisine there was a lot of discussion about the upcoming waterfowl season (along with, I’m sure, a few “exaggerations” about prior seasons and hunts).



Much was accomplished on this work party with a good turnout of volunteers from the hunting community.  This work should go a long way towards another successful waterfowl season at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area.   As of this writing another work party day at San Jacinto is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th.  The September 28th work party will be a blind brush up day.  This will be the final preparation to get San Jacinto ready for all the duck hunters to enjoy the 2013/2014 waterfowl season.

For information on the upcoming blind brush up day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area you can call the refuge office at 951-928-0580 or Tom Trakes 951-236-3040.




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