SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report 11/6/13

SoCalHunt was once again in attendance at San Jacinto Wildlife Area for a solo Wednesday afternoon refill hunt.

Once again I headed out early in hopes of getting a better spot on the refill list then I did 2 weeks ago. When I arrived at the parking lot there was fewer trucks then the last time I refilled, but there was still quite a few of them for a Wednesday.  When I signed in on the refill list, it was better then last time, but I was still on the third page of the refill list.

The wind was blowing pretty good, and this usually bodes well for the hunters at San Jacinto as it keeps the birds moving through the area.  This seemed to be born out as the morning hunters filtered into the check station as most had near limits with several full limits included for some.

About 10:30 a pretty good blind came in that no one else wanted so I grabbed it, figuring it was the best I was going to do from the third page of the refill list.  I figured the wind would be a help in any case.

The blind I chose was a natural cover island blind and my Ducks and Bucks cart was a big help in getting all the gear out to the island in one trip.  I had hunted this blind before but it looked completely different then it had in the past as there was a large amount of tules that had grown around almost half of the island.  This effectively limited my possible shooting area to an approximately 200 degrees out of the 360 degree circle around the blind.  I was set up and hunting at about 11:15 am.

About a half hour later a spoony hen swung into the pond and circled the blind.  The only problem was that the half of the circle that put her in range of my blind put her right over the reeds and I didn’t shoot as she would have been unrecoverable in the reeds.  She decided to land on the other side of the reeds and I thought I might get a chance at her if a neighboring blind might spook her in my direction shooting at another bird, but I never did see that bird again.

The day was clear and the wind was blowing making for clear views in contrast to the foggy and hazy conditions the last time I hunted.


While I waited for some waterfowl to show a few other winged creatures visited the pond.  There were the usual coots, a few ruddy ducks, herons, egrets, marsh hawks and quite a few ibises flying in the area.  I even had a butterfly visit my blind.



In contrast to the morning shoot, which was good, if judged by the birds the morning hunters were bringing in, the afternoon was s-l-o-w.  An occasional shot was heard in the area but it seemed like nothing in the waterfowl category was flying in the area I was in.  Quitting time rolled around and I hadn’t pulled the trigger on my shotgun.  Kind of disappointing but that’s how it is some times, especially early in the season.  Sometimes San Jacinto is a morning shoot only.  The consolation was another beautiful sunset, which is another thing San Jacinto provides over and over.


So, I’ll be back.  Of course.  I still wouldn’t miss it, any time I have the opportunity.  Keep your eyes on SoCalHunt for the next hunt report (hopefully it will include some birds next time, LOL).


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