SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report 11/20/13

Well, I said that I would report every time I hunted at San Jacinto, good or bad, so here’s a real short report for today.

SoCalHunt yet again ventured out to San Jacinto Wildlife Area for a solo afternoon refill hunt. Today I decided to leave a little earlier then usual to hopefully secure a lower spot on the refill list.  When I pulled in to the lot I was pleased to see fewer trucks there then on my last two trips.  I figured that would leave me in a better position on the refill list for a good blind.  When I signed in I was only part way down the second page.  Much better then the last two times.

Since I was so low on the list, and since I was by myself, I figured I’d try to stick things out and attempt to get one of about a half dozen of my favorite blinds.  This was a calculated risk as there were a few hunters ahead of me on the list and I could be shut out if luck was not with me. 

As the morning wore on the hunters from the morning trickled in.  Many of them appeared to be carrying pretty good straps of birds and there were even a few limits checked in.  There were also a couple of hunters that came in with only their yellow card, but that’s how it goes sometimes, as I well know. As hunters on the refill list took over the blinds the list dwindled down.  A few of the blinds that I was targeting went out to hunters ahead of me on the list and several blinds that I might have usually taken were filled, mostly by hunters behind me on the list, but I figured sticking it out would reward me with a primo blind. 

Well, to make a long story short, as 2 pm rolled around (the cutoff time for refills) I was still standing at the check station.  To be fair there were a few blinds I could have refilled into but they were not on my list of favorites.  This is a good illustration of another reason why a season pass is a good investment most of the time.  Due to my work situation this year I didn’t buy a season pass as I usually do because I wasn’t sure (and I’m still not sure) if I would be able to hunt enough to make it worth it.  So I am buying my passes two at a time, which translates in to $16.61 for each hunt.  If I’d had a season pass it would have cost me nothing to hunt today and I would have probably gone out anyway. But, since I would have had to burn a pass, and there was only 2 hours and 46 minutes of shooting time left, of which I would have had to take about 45 minutes driving out to the blind and setting up, I decided to head for home instead of going out.  In effect I had gambled and lost at Duck Blind Roulette.

Oh well, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained and at least I don’t have any mud to clean up or shotgun to clean.  Totally my fault, like I said, I could have gone out but I was holding out for one of my favorites. 

So, there you have it, this week’s non-hunting hunting report.  I guess we can only go up from here.  If things go as planned I should be out next week with my usual hunting partner to hopefully bag a few birds.  And, like I said, good or bad, you’ll see the results of our foray here on SoCalHunt.

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