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Victory for Sportsman’s Catering at Wister! Lease Renewed for the Next Two Seasons!

If you’ve read SoCalHunt’s blog here any time in the last couple months you probably saw the post entitled “Sportsman’s Catering at Wister in Danger of Loosing Their Lease – Another Shot Against Hunting in California”.

Frank Bailey (the owner) has announced that he has received official notification that the lease would be renewed through October 16, 2016!

Frank posted the following statement on The Outdoors Forum:

“I just got home from work and there was a registered letter from the State informing me the lease would be renewed until October 13, 2016.

I want to thank everyone for all the assistance you have given to keep this tradition alive.

I know my State Assemblyperson, Manuel Perez and my State Senator, Ben Hueso had a hand in this.

And I want to thank them.’

I want to thank Imperial County Supervisor, Ryan Kelley for his support as well.

I also know CWA has been working in the background as well.

Thank you each and everyone!

If not before, I will see you in September for Dove Season or October for the Duck Opener!

Frank Bailey”

So, score one for the hunting community! Thanks to everyone who read the original post here, posts on TOF, or wherever you found out about it, and took action and contacted state officials to get this lease renewed. This is proof that our voices can be heard!

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