San Jacinto Annual Junior Pheasant Hunt for 11/9/14 CANCELED!

Due to unforeseen circumstances the staff at San Jacinto Wildlife Area was forced to cancel this weekend’s upcoming Junior Pheasant Hunt.

Info from Scott Sewell, Wildlife Habitat Supervisor of SJ and Wister:

“Good morning all,

Unfortunately due to a situation beyond our control, the Department scheduled Pheasant hunts this weekend at San Jacinto Wildlife Area and Imperial Wildlife Area (Wister) will be cancelled. The Department’s coordinator is actively trying to resolve the issue and we will be focusing our efforts for a larger hunt on our Decembers calendar which will include the cancelled participants from this weekend. Thank you.

Scott Sewell
Wildlife Habitat Supervisor II
Department of Fish and Wildlife”

At this point the Junior Pheasant Hunt scheduled for 12/14/14 is still on.

Any Questions? Please call- San Jacinto Wildlife Area Office (951) 928-0580 or Tom Trakes (951) 236-3040.

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