San Jacinto Wildlife Area 2014 / 2015 Season Long Stats

The conclusion of the 2014 / 2015 season at San Jacinto Wildlife Area revealed some notable stats for the number of birds taken and the hunter averages.

4020 adult and 339 junior hunters (4359 hunters total) harvested a total of 2358 Northern Shovelers, 180 Mallards, 826 Gadwall, 627 Widgeon, 200 Pintail, 2338 Green Wing Teal, 553 Cinnamon Teal, 169 Redheads, 18 Canvasbacks, 276 Ring Necks, 69 Scaup, 246 Bufflehead, 6 Goldeneye, 6 Wood Ducks, 5 Fulvous Whistling Ducks, 5 Blue Wing Teal, 8 Mergansers, and 343 Ruddy Ducks. In addition there were 4 Canada Geese, 1 Ross’ Goose and 2 Snow Geese bagged on the refuge this season. 351 Coots were also included in the count for the 2014 / 2015 season. This worked out to a total of 8233 ducks or, with the geese and coots added in 8951 waterfowl. The per gun average take for 2014 / 2015 worked out to 1.89 ducks per hunter or, with the geese and coots, 1.97 waterfowl per hunter.

In comparison to last season there were 58 more adult hunters this season over last and there were 88 more junior hunters for a total of 146 more hunters accommodated in 2014 / 2015 compared to the 2013 / 2014 season. (This included the Junior Hunters from the Junior Hunt this year which I didn’t include in last years season long report. There were 85 Juniors at the Junior hunt this year). As for the birds, I’ll list them with a plus by the number or a minus by the number to indicate how many more or less of each type of bird was bagged this season over last.

There were -900 Northern Shovelers, -48 Mallards, +89 Gadwall, +100 Widgeon, -66 Pintail, +399 Green Wing Teal, -205 Cinnamon Teal, -121 Redheads, -9 Canvasbacks, -18 Ring Necks, +6 Scaup, +49 Bufflehead, +5 Goldeneye, -17 Wood Ducks, +5 Fulvous Whistling Ducks, -5 Blue Wing Teal, +6 Mergansers, and -116 Ruddy Ducks.

On the goose side of the ledger there were -4 Aleutian Geese (0 this season), +4 Canada Geese, +2 Snow Geese, and -1 Ross’s Goose.

In addition, there were -53 coots taken. This was a total of -854 ducks bagged and, with the geese and coots included, -911 waterfowl taken this season over last season. The average was -0.26 ducks per hunter or, with the geese and coots included, -0.29 waterfowl per hunter this season over last season.

I hope this gives you a good idea of how the season went. In general hunter numbers were up, but birds bagged where down and the per gun average was down over last year’s average.

And, as I always sign this report off, its “only” 255 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes, and 30 seconds until the start of the 2015 / 2016 waterfowl season…only…

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