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Total Lead Ban on State Lands (Including San Jacinto) Starts July 1st

Tomorrow, July 1st, is the day a total ban on lead ammo on state lands goes into effect. Hunters will be restricted to nonlead ammunition while hunting at any of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife lands and when hunting Nelson bighorn sheep anywhere in the state. This is part of the plan to phase-in unleaded ammo that will eventually prohibit the use of any lead ammunition for hunting in California. This will be the case on any part of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area starting Wednesday, July 1st. Rabbit season also opens July 1st so be aware of this if you intend to pursue the bunnies on San Jacinto’s Upland Areas. This regulation is part of Assembly Bill 711, signed in October of 2013, that intends to phase out the use of all lead ammunition in California. If nothing changes, four years from now, on July 1, 2019, hunters in California will be banned from using lead ammunition anywhere in the state, not just CDFW lands. Hopefully, AB 395, introduced by State Assemblyman James Gallagher (R), will be passed and overturn the lead ban except in condor rangers. The bill should be heard in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee sometime in early in 2016.

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