Volunteer Blind Brush-Up Work-Day At San Jacinto Wildlife Area A Big Success!

The first volunteer blind brush-up day for this coming season, Saturday, August 15th, had a good turn out with about 25 volunteers showing up at San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s check station parking lot to help out this year. Tom Trakes, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area reported that the volunteers, mostly hunters that utilize San Jacinto, were on hand to help out and eagerly headed out to the ponds to work on their assigned blinds.

Some of the Volunteers (Thanks guys!)


This work party was primarily tasked to build, or rebuild several blinds throughout the wildlife area for the upcoming season. Six new blinds on Marsh-U, Marsh-W, A-2, Walker-4, Walker-8 and F-1 were built. Many blinds were brushed up with palm fronds primarily provided by the volunteers.

Some of the work in progress


…And some of the results


Due to the number of volunteers they were able to get a lot done in a short time and then it was off to Casa Mexicana for another great lunch. Tom wanted to remind hunters that there would be one more volunteer work day, on Saturday, September 26th, to finish brushing up some of the blinds and “fine tune” things for the season. Tom wanted me to remind everyone that they are still in need of palm fronds for the next blind brush-up day. Even if you can’t make the work-day if you have some palm fronds you can drop off prior to the work-day the staff at SJ will be happy to make arrangements to receive them. Just give them a call at (951) 236-3040 if you want to drop some off.



After the September work-day the next thing on the calendar for San Jacinto Wildlife Area is opening day of the waterfowl season on Saturday, October 24th! Everything is looking great for the season ahead. The water is already flowing into the ponds and many ducks are already in evidence around the wildlife area area.

Pic ducks


Hope to see you some time during the season at San Jacinto.


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