Dove Season Opens Tuesday, September 1st – Reminder for San Jacinto

This coming Tuesday, September 1st, is the opening of dove season in California. Due to the ammunition restrictions required by the ill advised (and zero scientific study backed) AB 711 if you are going to hunt any state wildlife areas and ecological reserves, of which San Jacinto is one, you are now, as of July 1st, required to use non-lead ammunition.

Traditionally, in the upland areas of San Jacinto, we were allowed to use lead shot for taking dove, quail and rabbits but with the phase 1 ammo restrictions of AB 711 we must now use non-lead ammunition. Be sure, if you are going to hunt doves on the opener at San Jacinto, or any state wildlife area or ecological reserve, you don’t have any lead shot in your possession. You will be subject to a big citation if you are checked by a DFW Wildlife Officer (Warden) and have any lead shot on you. Be sure you carefully go through your hunting vest or whatever you’re going to carry your ammo in and ensure that there isn’t a stray lead shell from last year hiding somewhere.

You can read more about AB 711 here:  

Good luck if you’re going. Maybe we’ll see you out there.

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