New Procedures for Donations for the Annual Junior Hunt at San Jacinto Wildlife Area

I spoke to Tom Trakes, San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Wildlife Habitat Supervisor, about a change in state policy regarding donations for their annual Junior Hunt. As most of you probably know, especially if you frequent the SoCalHunt Blog, the annual San Jacinto Wildlife Area Junior Hunt is an important event to pique the interest of our up and coming junior hunters who will be the future of hunting in California.

Per a change in policy by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife donations of money, food or merchandise cannot be accepted unless the donations go through a formal acceptance procedure. What this means is that if you want to donate any prizes, merchandise, food or funds to the Annual Junior Hunt you need to contact Tom at San Jacinto prior to December 15th so there will be adequate time to get the donation approved.

So, because of this new procedure, if you are of a mind to contribute to the Junior Hunt you have to plan ahead and get a list of the pending contribution(s) in on time or they can’t accept the donation. Tom wanted me to make sure I noted that this information is not a solicitation for any donations but information for anyone who wants to contribute.

I asked Tom how this was going to effect our donations to the Junior Hunt via the “money box” that formerly set on the counter in the check station. Tom advised that the money box is gone but, hopefully, to make up for that Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga was working on some type of raffle that will generate money that Bass Pro will then donate to San Jacinto following the donation procedure. (more on that when I get more details, hopefully within the next month or so).

Tom told me that this new procedure will not effect San Jacinto’s Annual Toy Drive for the Bryant Park Preschool as, in that case, they are just collecting the toys for the preschool and the donated toys are not being donated to the DFW, they are just the middle-man in that situation so the toy box will be at the check station as usual.

So, if you are of a mind to contribute anything to the Annual Junior Hunt, which will be held on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 this season, you need to contact Tom Trakes at either phone at 951-236-3040 or email at by December 15th.

This new procedure applies statewide so if you instead or in addition to want to donate to any other DFW Junior Hunt, such as the fine Junior Hunt program at Wister, the same procedure applies. In the case of any other refuge or wildlife area you would need to contact your chosen area directly.

See the attached letter from Scott Sewell, Wildlife Habitat Supervisor II / Area Manager for further details.  (Edit 11/1/18 – post updated to include this year’s letter – note – final date for donations within should read January 15, 2019)


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