SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report 10/31/15

Well, SoCalHunt was working again this weekend but my usual hunting partner was able to get away to give the sweatline a try. Since my reports have been a little, let’s say “lacking” (at least in the terms of birds) lately I decided to badger him into doing a report for us if he as able to get a blind. So, here’s a first for SoCalHunt, a kind of “ghost writer” report…kind of appropriate for Halloween I guess. I’m submit this with minimal edits, thanks for reading.

When I arrived at San Jacinto the weather was cool and clear with a light breeze.  I was fully prepared to sleep in my truck and stick it out for a refill, when I drew sixth in the sweatline draw and realized “I’m going Duck Hunting!”

It appeared that a majority of the reservation holder had shown up so I was hoping that at least a couple good blinds would still be available when it was my turn. To my surprise, when it was my turn at the check station counter, one of my favorite blinds was still available.

My secret blind had a walk-way out and 360 degree water with good sporadic cover.  I set up and settled down in the blind to wait for start time. When I checked my watch it was seconds before shoot time.  Just then several ducks flew straight at me. I took aim and the starting time horn blew and the trigger was pulled.  First duck done just seconds after the horn.  It seemed like the entire refuge pulled their triggers exactly at the sound of the horn.   The addition of the start shoot time horn was brilliant!  There was no early shooting!

The birds flew solid for the first hour and a half but didn’t really stop until after 9:00 am.  The norm for hot, still and clear mornings.  A flock of a dozen honkers flew high over the refuge headed for Lake Perris.  I knew they were coming before I could see them because of the wave of goose calls marching across the refuge. During the time between start time and 9:00 I was able to bag a Ring Neck, a Green Wing Teal, Two Cinnamon Teal Hens and a Shoveler along with missing a few others. In the end I came away with five ducks that should have been a limit in the first hour.  Oh well, that’s why they call it hunting.





Most of the ducks I saw during the hunt flew low over the dikes signifying the majority were teal.  There were very few highflying flocks of big ducks.  After 10:00 am it was to hot, still and flightless so it was time to pick up and head to “Harry’s Cafe” for the cheeseburger combo. A long over due great hunt at San Jacinto in the books.

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