2015 / 2016 Season Sunrise / Sunset Recap (Plus Some Clouds)

As is SoCalHunt’s tradition every year, we post an article, with photographs, of the sunrises and sunset we’ve enjoyed in the hunting season just ended. Unfortunately, due to a serious illness in the family, my season was cut short so this will really be a short version, first half of the season, Sunrise / Sunset Recap. Sorry for the lack of hunting reports this past season but, bottom line, although hunting is almost more important then anything else but family is one of those few things that are more important then hunting.

As always here’s the sunrises and sunsets for the season just past, along with the new tradition we started last year, the daily clouds. Again some of the of the days were exceptional. Although when it comes to scenery at San Jacinto exceptional is the rule. I think you’ll agree. Some days the cloud conditions changed almost minute to minute and you might think that several pictures were taken on different days when, in reality, they were taken just minutes apart. In fact, some of the cloud conditions during the middle of the day even rivaled some of the sunrises and sunsets as the most beautiful times of day while hunting at San Jacinto Wildlife Area this year. I’m sure many of you that have hunted San Jacinto this past season will agree with me that the sunrises and sunsets were, in general, spectacular, along with the awesome cloud conditions this year. Below, in order of appearance, are the sunrises and sunsets, along with some cloud condition photos, on the days we hunted San Jacinto this year.

Presented for your enjoyment:

(Click on the image for a full sized picture)

10/28/15 Sunset (and some clouds)




11/4/15 Sunset (and a lot of clouds)







11/18/15 Sunset



12/2/15 Sunrise (and some clouds)



12/9/15 Sunset (and some clouds)




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