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Palm Fronds Needed at San Jacinto – Prep for Blind Brush Up Day

Tom Trakes of San Jacinto Wildlife Area is requesting that anyone that has access to palm fronds and would like to get rid of them to donate them to San Jacinto Wildlife Area.  The palm fronds are needed to brush up the wildlife area’s blinds for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season.

Tom wanted me to pass on that they are starting to collect palm fronds for the upcoming blind brush-up days (should be late July and August – exact dates to still be determined).  Tom says anyone who is trimming palm trees and wants to bring them around to San Jacinto to get rid of them to give him a call at 951-236-3040 and he’ll make arrangements for someone to be there so you can drop them off. He also wanted me to remind people that they DO NOT want the fronds that have the thorns on them.  Don’t bring the wader-rippers but other, non-thorny palm fronds are welcome.

Thanks in advance for any palm fronds anyone can bring in.

Here’s a graphic regarding the type of palm fronds needed.

screen-shot-2015-07-28-at-10-30-00-am1 - Version 2


San Jacinto’s Annual Hunter’s Education Class a Great Success

Saturday, June 4th was San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Annual Hunter’s Education Class.  Tom Trakes, of San Jacinto Wildlife Area, reported that about 30 new hunters were in attendance and they all passed their Hunter’s Education test.  The Hunter’s Education students are now eligible to be fully licensed hunters in the State of California.  The students ranged in age from about 9 years old to in their 60’s and they will now be joining the ranks of the hunting community.

At the noon break the hunter’s education students enjoyed a great lunch at the San Jacinto Headquarters which consisted of giant sub sandwiches, chips and soft drinks.

Also, in preparation for the next season the San Jacinto Staff is starting to collect palm fronds to use for the blind brush-up days.  If you have palm trees to trim and want to get rid of the palm fronds just give Tom a call and he’ll make arrangements for someone to be at SJ to meet you so you can drop off the palm fronds.  Please remember, if you are going to donate palm fronds, to avoid bringing the type with the thorns on them.  They can’t be used as they are detrimental to waders and skin.  You can get ahold of Tom at (951)-236-3040.

Students hard at work.


Public Scoping Meeting Scheduled for San Jacinto Wildlife Area Draft Management Plan June 15th

Wednesday, June 15th the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be holding two Public Scoping Meetings regarding San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Draft Management Plan.  The meetings will be held at the San Jacinto Check Station Warehouse Building, 17050 Davis Road, Lakeview, California.  The first meeting will be at 10 am until 12 pm and the second will be at 6 pm until 8 pm.  Check the link below for the official notice from the Press Enterprise Newspaper:

This is a chance for public input on the management Plan for the future of San Jacinto.  Questions can be submitted at the meeting about any aspect of the plan and about future operations of SJ.

A copy of the Draft Management Plan can be downloaded from the DFW web site at the following link:

On the bottom of the page is a link to download the Draft Management Plan titled “San Jacinto Wildlife Area Final Draft Land Management Plan”.  Click that to download the pdf of the plan.  Below is a direct like to the download also:

It a long document, 684 pages, but would be valuable to take a look at if you’re going to attend the meeting.

This is a good chance to get some input to the future of San Jacinto.  If you can make the meeting it would probably be worth your while.


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