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Date Set for Third (and final) 2016 Volunteer Blind Brush-Up Day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area – October 8th

Tom Trakes, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, advised that they have scheduled a third volunteer “blind brush-up” work-day for San Jacinto Wildlife Area. The date is Saturday, October 8th.  Volunteers are asked to gather at 7:00 AM at the SJ Check Station Parking Lot. In addition to brushing up the blinds other activities that might be handled are cleaning out water control structures on the wildlife area’s duck ponds, building new blinds and/or repairing old blinds and general clean-up of the blind areas.  Tom advised that anyone coming out to volunteer should bring gloves, shovels and/or hoes, fencing/wire pliers and lots of water, since it is expected to be hot. In addition, some of the blinds might be surrounded by water, as the flooding of the ponds will be almost complete at that point, so it would be handy to bring waders also so work can be done on these blinds too if needed.  As always, for this time of year, water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent are suggested as good ideas.  After the work is done we will get together at Casa Mexicana Restaurant about noon for a well-deserved lunch (each person responsible for their own bill).

As always, when it comes to work days, the more volunteers the better (meaning less work for each person).  Also, Tom added that if you have access to palm fronds please bring as much can for use in brushing the blinds. Tom said there are still a lot of blinds to brush and they can’t have too many palm fronds to do the job.

Tom wanted me to make sure that everyone knew that even if you can’t come out for the work-day if you have palm fronds that you’d like to donate prior to the work-day, and can drop them by SJ, that would be most appreciated.  You can call Tom at the number below to make arrangements to drop off your palm fronds.

A good turnout for this work-day will go a long way in getting things “ship-shape” condition at San Jacinto.  This is the last work day in preparation for the season start on October 22nd (only 2 short weeks after this work-day).  Hopefully This work-day will make preparations for another great season complete and go a long way towards providing the hunters of San Jacinto with another great duck hunting season.

(Hint – This is also a great way to check out SJ for the upcoming opening of the waterfowl season, October 22nd, only 14 days following the work-day).

If you have any questions contact Tom Trakes at the San Jacinto headquarters at (951) 236-3040.


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