SoCalHunt SJ Hunting Report 11/9/16

Today SoCalHunt headed back to San Jacinto Wildlife Area for solo afternoon refill hunt.  If you’ve read the recent SoCalHunt hunt results for San Jacinto, as well as their sister refuge to the south, Wister, you know things have been slow but I decided it’s always worth going because, being an optimist, well ya never know.

As I approached the check station just after 10 am there were several trucks in the parking lot so I was wondering how long the refill list would be. When I walked up to the check station I discovered the refill list was the shortest I’ve ever seen and there were already several decent blinds available for refill.  So, no waiting today, I picked one of my old favorites and headed out to hunt.  While I was at the check station I deposited a toy in the Bryant Park Preschool Toy Drive box.  This is a great cause and a great community service the SJ Staff takes on every year.  I encourage all San Jacinto hunters to bring a toy to donate every time they come out.  Details of the toy drive can be found here…

I got to my blind, which was an island blind and as I waded out to it five Canada Geese took flight from a field right next to the pond, about 100 yards from me.  Since I was just wading out to the blind I still had the shotgun in the case, which really didn’t matter as they never got close enough for a shot, but I also didn’t have the camera out.  Too bad I probably could have gotten a pretty good picture at least.  I thought maybe that was a good sign for things to come.

Once I got out to the blind I set up and placed a few decoys and settled in to wait for a duck to show.  The wind was blowing about 20 plus and I was optimistic as windy conditions usually bodes good for hunting as SJ.


And there I sat.  There were a few birds flying but they didn’t have webbed feet.  Egrets, hawks, red wing blackbirds, ibis and several others flew by at various distances but no waterfowl were to be seen amongst them.


The wind had cleared the sky and I could clearly see details on Mount San Gorgonio between the trees surrounding the pond.  Later in the afternoon the moon rose from the east and was prominent in the sky.



There was an occasional shot from some of the surrounding ponds but probably not more than you could count on both hands the entire time I was there.  After one shot from the adjacent pond I caught a glimpse of a duck, just over the tree tops, but it didn’t venture into my pond and exited to the south.

So that was the highlight of the hunt, as far as ducks were concerned.  As the clock counted down to quitting time the sun set behind the hills and I picked up and headed home.



Well, no birds today and no shots fired.  I only touched the shotgun twice today, once to take it out of the case and once to put it back in the case.  Oh well, thats how it goes sometimes, especially early in the season.  It was still nice to get out in the marsh and I had a much greater chance to harvest a duck at SJ then sitting at home on the couch.

Hopefully the ducks will migrate soon and we’ll have some ducks available to us to fill our straps.  Hope to see you out at San Jacinto soon.

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