SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report 12/14/16

Today SoCalHunt was back again at San Jacinto Wildlife Area for another refill hunt.  I was hoping the incoming storm, predicted for Thursday, coupled with the freeze up north the last week or so and the full moon, which would allow the birds to migrate during the night, as well as the daylight hours, would push some new birds towards SJ.

Once again the weather report I read was wrong.  They had predicted a mostly cloudy day and it was again obvious when I arrived it would be another day of bright calm skies.

I arrived about 10 am and the refill crowd seemed about usual size for a Wednesday.  I signed onto the list and set back to wait for the morning hunters to check back in.

As usual for this time of year on each visit to SJ, I deposited a toy in the Bryant Park Preschool Toy Drive box.  As I’ve mentioned before this is a great cause and a great community service the SJ Staff takes on every year.  I encourage all San Jacinto hunters to bring a toy to donate every time they come out.  There’s only two more hunt days to donate, this coming Saturday and next Wednesday.  Details of the toy drive can be found here…

Just like Saturday the hunters that were coming in either had a nice strap of birds or nothing with an occasional single bird checked in also.  Apparently, you were either on the “X” or you weren’t.   I stuck it out a little longer today hoping for one of the better blind but being a little further down the list today it took until noon for an “okay” blind to check in.  I took it and headed out.

I set up and was hunting about 12:45, which gave me just about exactly 4 hours until quitting time.  There was an occasional shot or two in the area but it seemed to be a slower pace than when I was here Saturday.  As I already mentioned it was another calm “bluebird” day with just high wispy clouds instead of the predicted “mostly cloudy”.


Once again the ducks weren’t flying today and my hoped for new migrants didn’t materialize.  Hopefully they’re still on the way.  About 2:30 I suddenly saw a drake Shoveler swimming in the pond about 80 yards out from the blind.  I didn’t see him drop in so he may have just swam in from the far east end of the pond.  I was hoping he’d continue his westerly route and I could jump him when he came into range but he decided to mill around in the area and stayed about 80 to 100 yards from the blind for nearly two hours.  He finally swam back toward the east end of the pond and never presented a shot.

Other than the Shoveler the only ducks I saw were a small group of what looked to be Teal headed north at about 1000 feet.  Maybe the first of some new migrating bird coming in?  Hopefully, with many more to come in the next few days.  Keep your fingers crossed.

As usual, there were more than ducks to look for at SJ.    There, of course are the ever-present Coots and Redwing Blackbirds and a few Black-necked stilts were feeding in the area.




Sorry to report again that I didn’t even pick up the shotgun other than to load it when I started and unload it at quitting time.  Hopefully the birds will get to migrating and I’ll have something more to report the next time.  At this point, at least, San Jacinto is a morning game if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation or a low sweat line draw.

But, then there’s the signature San Jacinto’s sunset, which, once again, was worth the price of admission.




So, until next time, hope to see you out there some time.

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