Alternate Access to San Jacinto Wildlife Area for the 23rd Annual Junior Hunt

Great news for the Junior Hunters!!  The staff at San Jacinto Wildlife Area has opened an internal access road, through the upland area, for access to the check station for the Junior Hunt on Saturday, February 4th.  Because Davis Road, normally the only way in to San Jacinto, is pretty much impassable except MAYBE for the biggest, highest ground clearance 4x4s, the staff at SJ has opened an alternate access road into the wildlife area.   Normally only state authorized vehicles are allowed to utilize this road but special one-time permission was obtained to get everyone in for the Junior Hunt.

The gate to this road will be opened at 2 AM.  There will be SJ staff manning an “easy-up” at the gate and they will be escorting groups of vehicles in to the check station.  If you frequent San Jacinto, or just drive by it from time to time, you’ve probably seen a small parking area and a green gate approximately 1.4 miles west of Davis Road on the north side of Ramona Expressway across from Martin Street.  This will be the access to SJ for the Junior Hunt.  The gate is located approximately 7 miles east of the 215 Freeway on Ramona Expressway or, if you’re coming in from then other direction, 8.4 miles west of Highway 79. (Click on the below pictures for a full sized image).


The gate, (of course it will look different at 2 am)


Ariel view of the gate area at Ramone Expressway / Martin Street


Ariel view with the “as the crow flies” distance from Davis Road


Google Maps directions from the West (the 215 Freeway)


Google Maps directions from the East (highway 79)

Of course, since you’ll be coming in early in the morning in the dark be extremely careful making your turn into the parking/gate area.  Use your turn signal in plenty of time and go slow.  For the folks heading east from the 215, you might want to pass the area and turn around at Lakeview Ave., (Where the Valero Gas Station is), and go back so you can make a right turn into the gate area, that way you don’t have to worry about traffic behind you while you wait to turn left.

Here’s hoping for a great turnout of Junior hunters for this great event.  This is the 23rd Annual Junior Hunt event at San Jacinto and this year’s event will honor our Military Men and Women.  For further details on the Junior Hunt see SoCalHunt’s blog entry at:

For any further info regarding the Junior Hunt contact Tom Trakes at (951)-236-3020.

Everybody drive safe and here’s hoping to see a great turnout of Juniors for the Junior Hunt!


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