Hunt Results for the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area, Wednesday 1/25/17

Once again, sorry for the delay getting these numbers for the last Wednesday hunt of the season at Wister.  Somehow, the DFW didn’t send them out with the Saturday and Sunday counts, as usual, and I just received them this morning.

As usual, the waterfowl take for Wednesday, 1/25/17, for the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area went up quite a bit over the usual low Sunday numbers. Green Wing Teal held the first position for number of birds checked in at Wister and Pintail were found in second place. The Wister Staff reported that the results for Wednesday, 1/25/17 were as follows:

112 adult hunters and 1 junior hunter bagged 5 Mallards, 11 Gadwall, 5 Widgeon, 58 Pintail, 120 Green Wing Teal, 20 Cinnamon Teal, 36 Shovelers, 1 Redheads, 1 Bufflehead, 2 Goldeneyes and 9 Ruddy Ducks. 3 Snow Geese were also checked in at Wister on Wednesday.  There was also 1 Coot bagged at Wister on Wednesday. This worked out to an average take of 2.37 ducks per gun or, with the Geese and Coot included, 2.41 waterfowl per person. Out of 100 reservation cards issued 30 arrived on time to claim their spot.

With this report, all the numbers are in for Wister this season.  I’m already looking forward to next season, as I’m sure you all are.  Hope to see you out there sometime.

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