Davis Road – Update on Repairs So Far

I spoke with Tom Trakes of San Jacinto Wildlife Area again this afternoon about the progress (or lack of) to repairs on Davis Road.  As you most likely know from SoCalHunt’s last report on Davis Road, San Jacinto Wildlife Area was pretty much in forced isolation as no one could utilize the Wildlife Area because the road was impassable.   The Riverside County Department of Transportation (which owns Davis Road) has (so far) pretty much refused to do much about it.  (In case you missed it, details in the link below…)


Tom said he was hoping that the Riverside DOT would come out today and at least make Davis Road passable so the public could utilize SJWA again.  Well, they refused.  Apparently, they are afraid of getting their skip loaders, scrapers, dump trucks and associated equipment dirty or something.  Tom told me that they said they couldn’t do anything until the road was completely dry.  That’s the bad news…however…

Here’s the good news.  Because the DFW has received so many complaints that there is no public access to San Jacinto Wildlife Area Tom received the OK to do some repairs with the SJ crew so the public can get into good old SJ.  Tom told me that the entire San Jacinto crew got to work this morning and in about 4 hours did what Riverside DOT said was impossible.  Tom told me that they took about 90 square yards of fill from the far end of the SJ check station parking lot and filled in and smoothed over most of the major holes in Davis Road, leveled those areas and leveled a decent roadbed down the rest of Davis Road.  Tom told me that Davis Road is now passable, even to someone wanting to come in with a regular car.  The passable part of the roadbed is narrow in a lot of spots, only one lane wide in some places, but anybody can get through now.  His only caution is that if you are going in and see someone coming out let them down the road first so you don’t end up head to head at one of the narrow spots.

So, as we see, once again, the San Jacinto crew, Aurelio, Josh, John, Shane and Carlos have gone the extra mile (and did a lot of work) to make this happen and allow the public access to SJ.  Kudos to the best Wildlife Area Staff in the entire state!  Tom sent me a link to a video of the Davis Road conditions, that he posted on the SJWA FaceBook page, after the SJ Staff’s repairs…looks pretty good…


Guess it wasn’t “impossible”, was it Riverside DOT?  Anyway, despite this good news, it is only a temporary fix and real repairs still need to be done to Davis Road to ensure we are not back in the same situation with the next significant rain. It would still be an excellent idea for everyone that utilizes San Jacinto Wildlife Area, whether you are a hunter, bird watcher, photographer or anyone else that wants to visit SJ for any reason to call the Riverside County Department of Transportation and express their concern that Davis Road is repaired properly.  The phone number for the Riverside County Department of Transportation to tell ‘um about it is 951-955-6899. It also couldn’t hurt to contact your State Representatives and your Congressperson.  If you happen to live in Riverside County a call or letter to your County Supervisor might also be a good thing.

Tom told me that now that they have public access they will most likely reschedule the canceled Blind Clean-up day for some time in April and they will soon be scheduling a Hunter’s Education Course, probably for some time in May.  When those are announced, and when anything further is learned about the Davis Road situation, we’ll post it here at the SoCalHunt Blog.

(Update as of 4/9/17 here:)  www.socalhunt.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/davis-road-update-on-repairs-so-far/ 


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