Davis Road – Update on Repairs, Part 3 – Some Good News!

I spoke with Tom Trakes of San Jacinto Wildlife Area again this evening about repairs on Davis Road.  If you’re reading this you probably already have seen SoCalHunt’s last two reports on Davis Road. (In case you missed those reports are at the links below…)



Well…check this out…

Yup…that’s Riverside Department of Transportation working on Davis Road.  Tom tells me that they have been working on most of this past week.  They have apparently have also brought in decomposed gravel to try to build up and stabilize the road.

Tom did tell me that even though they have been working on it this past week there is still going to be a lot of work to do to get the road in the shape that it should be in.  Time will tell if they will actually do all the work necessary to really fix Davis Road so we don’t have a repeat of this past season’s problems if we get major rains again.

Tom did say that he feels that people calling and writing the Riverside DOT and their state and local representatives helped get the ball rolling and he (and I) thank all that pitched in on that effort.

If you’d like to continue to encourage the Riverside DOT on their repairs of Davis Road the phone number is 951-955-6899.

Tom told me that the dates for the volunteer Blind Clean-up day and the annual Hunter’s Education Course should be set in the next day or two.  When he gives me the dates and info it will be posted here at the SoCalHunt Blog.  Also, any further info about the Davis Road, as the work progresses, will be reported here too.

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