Good Turnout = Lots Accomplished at the Volunteer Work Day at San Jacinto, Saturday August 5th

On Saturday, August 5th, an excellent turnout of about 30 volunteers, along with the San Jacinto Wildlife Area staff, assembled at the SJ check station parking lot at 0630 for first volunteer blind day.

The volunteers received their assignments and were off to help start getting the blinds in order for the fast approaching waterfowl season. The wood blind that was a F-2 was moved to E-4 and a hog wire blind was built to replace it at F-2.  The blind at C-1 was removed and replaced with a new hog wire blind a little higher on the island.  General clean up as done around and inside some of the area’s blinds and notes were made on what further needs to be done to get ready for the season.

There are already a lot of ducks using the area and things are looking good so far for a great season.

After the work was done most of the volunteers gathered at the Casa Mexicana Restaurant for a great lunch.

The Staff at San Jacinto would like to extend a big thanks to everyone that came out and worked hard to get a start on getting things in order for the waterfowl season to come.

Tom wanted me to tell everyone that the next volunteer work day is coming up fast.  The next work day will be Saturday, August 26th.  (I’ll post a separate announcement on this soon, check back with SoCalHunt for the “official” announcement.)

This work day is just the weekend before the dove season opener on September 1st.  If you have any plans to hunt SJ for the dove opener attending the work day would be a great way to get some scouting in for the dove opener (while the work is done of course).

Tom told me that the waterfowl area will be opened for dove hunting for the first three days (September 1 – 3) of the dove season.  Also, if you are going to hunt at SJ any time during the dove season, including opening weekend, there is NO LEAD SHOT ALLOWED on State Wildlife Areas.  Non-toxic shot only (steel, bismuth, tungsten).

Hope to see you out there for the next work day or maybe even for the dove opener!

Moving F-2 to E-4

Building Blinds

Some of the volunteers…Thanks guys!

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