Riverside Planning Commission Hearing for San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Future – One More Chance Coming Up!

The Riverside Planning Commission held a hearing regarding the 11,350 housing unit Lewis Homes project proposed along the southern border of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area.  This project will abut SJ on the south and will have adverse effects on the wildlife or the area and, a good possibility of eventually shutting down hunting at SJ.

Below is a link to the Planning Department’s report on the project with several maps showing how this purposed, in effect, small city will virtually encroach upon San Jacinto.


Once people start living there it won’t be long before the complaints of “dangerous” gunfire start and you can bet hunting at SJ will be short lived after that.  Don’t think it can happen?  Some of you might remember the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club in Duarte.  Some called it the Fish Canyon Range.  It was opened in 1946.  Eventually, homes were built up to within a half-mile of the range and in 2006 it was closed due to noise complaints and the (perceived, but unfounded) danger of the gunfire.

At the Riverside Planning Commission hearing several people gave comments to the Commissioners, a few in favor of the project, but most expressing opposition due to the adverse effects on the SJ wildlife and the hunting program.

No decision was made at this hearing and a second hearing was scheduled for October 4th where the Commission will be making a decision on the project and the fate of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area in the years to come. The hearing is October 4th at 9 AM at 4080 Lemon Street, 1st Floor, Riverside, CA 92502. This is our one more chance to try to make a difference and prevent this from happening.   PLEASE tell everyone you know this is very important!  We need to show up IN NUMBERS for the next hearing!  Tom Trakes advised me he is in the process of making shirts to show our solidarity.  (I’ll provide info on how to get one when Tom gets that info to me.)  Tom told me, “I’m telling you from my heart this is really bad and every hunter, birder, photographer needs to be at this hearing. I want to see standing room only and for the ones that say it’s a done deal they are wrong, believe me, we can make it hard for them to continue, so share the hell out of this with everyone you know, we need all your help!  Thank you.”

So, if there’s any way you can make it to the Riverside Planning Commission meeting on October 4th, BE THERE!  The future of SJ may very well be in the balance.

Google maps link to 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside, the location of the hearing.


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