Hunt Results for San Jacinto Wildlife Area, Saturday – 1/27/18

The waterfowl count at San Jacinto Wildlife Area slipped back down again from Wednesday’s numbers on a day that was partly cloudy with cool temperatures along with some wind. Coots were found in first place today for number of birds harvested with Green Wing Teal tied with Cinnamon Teal for the second position. Tom Trakes, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, reported that the results for Saturday, 1/27/18 were as follows:

151 adult and 6 junior hunters bagged 41 Northern Shovelers, 4 Mallards, 13 Gadwall, 2 Widgeon, 10 Pintail, 45 Green Wing Teal, 45 Cinnamon Teal, 1 Ring Neck, 1 Scaup, 4 Bufflehead, and 9 Ruddy Ducks.  Once again, no Geese were brought down at San Jacinto on Saturday.   51 Coots were also included in the harvest at San Jacinto on Saturday.  This came out to an average harvest of 1.11 ducks per hunter or, with the Coots included, 1.44 waterfowl per person. Tom advised that out of 52 reservation cards 25 arrived on time for their spot.

So, the 2017/2018 regular waterfowl season is in the books. Junior hunters have one more shot at it next Saturday, February 3rd.  If you’re a junior hunter or you have a junior hunter in the family, here’s hoping you’ll take advantage of San Jacinto’s Annual Junior Waterfowl hunt, next Saturday, 2/3/18. Here’s hoping the Juniors have a great hunt!  For more information, contact the staff at San Jacinto at 951-928-0580.


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