More Palm Fronds Needed at San Jacinto – Prep for Blind Brush Up Day

Tom Trakes of San Jacinto Wildlife Area is requesting that anyone that has access to palm fronds and would like to get rid of them to donate them to San Jacinto Wildlife Area.  The palm fronds are needed to finish brushing up the wildlife area’s blinds for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season.

With the great success of the last blind brush-up day almost all of SJ’s supply of palm fronds has been depleted.  More are needed for the next brush-up volunteer work day to finish the work on September 22nd.   Anyone who is trimming palm trees and wants to bring them around to San Jacinto to get rid of them give Tom a call at 951-236-3040 and he’ll make arrangements for someone to be there so you can drop them off. He also wanted me to remind people that they DO NOT want fronds that have the thorns on them.  Don’t bring the wader-rippers but other, non-thorny palm fronds are welcome. The thorn laden fronds are okay to use, however, if you’re willing to strip off the thorns prior to bringing them in.

Thanks in advance for any palm fronds anyone can bring in.





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