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Saturday, September 22nd – San Jacinto’s Volunteer Blind Brush Up / Work Day a Great Success

SoCalHunt was on hand again on Saturday, September 22nd, as around 35 volunteers got the job done at San Jacinto’s second volunteer blind brush-up work day for the fast approaching duck season.  This is the first time in a while that SoCalHunt has been able to make both the pre-season workdays.

As the sun crested over the surrounding mountains a large group of volunteers gathered at the check station parking lot to get their assignments and head out to spruce up Wildlife Area’s blinds.  Due to the great turnout at the August workday, a lot of the brush-up work had already been done, although there were still a few blinds that needed attention and some of the ones worked on last time needed a little tweaking.  Also, as before, some general cleanup was done around and inside some of the blinds.  There were still a couple of blinds that needed some trimming of natural growth and cleaning out tumbleweeds and other plants that had taken over the inside of those blinds.

Tom giving the volunteers their assignments as the sun break over the mountains.

Brushing up more blinds with palm fronds

Always beautiful scenery at SJ!

A group shot of most of the volunteers (a few had to leave early). Thanks to all who helped out!

Most of the ponds are well on the way to being fully flooded and more water is pouring in daily.  Waterfowl continue to arrive at SJ every day and things are looking great for the soon to be duck season.

After the volunteers’, and the San Jacinto crew’s hard efforts for the morning we all gathered at Marcello’s Pizza in Nuevo for another great lunch.

Some of the volunteers enjoying some great Pizza for lunch!

Tom and the staff at San Jacinto (and me too) would like to give another big thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and put in all the effort to get things done to get ready for the 2018/19 waterfowl season.

The next thing on the schedule is opening day, Saturday, October 20th!  Only 27 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes away as I type this.  May the ressie computer be kind to you this season and hopefully, we’ll see you out at San Jacinto for the upcoming waterfowl season.


2nd Volunteer Blind Brush-Up Day Coming Up – Saturday, September 22nd

(Edit – 9/16/18 – Less then a week now! Next Saturday!) This is just a quick reminder that the 2nd volunteer blind brush-up work day is two weeks away.  I just wanted to put out a reminder since the original announcement was incorporated with the August 18th brush-up work day announcement.  Don’t want anyone that’s willing to help out to miss because the original announcement was a while back.  Also, if you have any palm fronds they are needed to complete the building and brushing up of some of the blinds.  See the below link for details.

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