Now Has the Current Blind Maps and Area Rules for San Jacinto Wildlife Area and Wister Along With GPS Coordinates For All SJ Blinds

The SoCalHunt website, , now has downloadable pdf files for the 2018/2019 season San Jacinto Wildlife Area blind map and area rules and the Wister Wildlife Area blind map and area rules.  Also, for the first time, we have a downloadable pdf file of all of the GPS coordinates for the San Jacinto blind locations.  These files can be found on the Maps and Downloads page of the SoCalHunt website (not here on the SoCalHunt Blog) at the above link.  Just click on the above link and then go to the Maps and Downloads page.  Click on the map or GPS list image you want, and you can download a pdf file to view and/or print.  All three of these files are 2 pages long.

On the San Jacinto Wildlife Area map for this season, you will notice that some of the blinds have shaded areas around them.  These shaded areas are areas that you will be allowed to “roam” near those blinds to hunt.  In addition, the SJ Staff, again going the extra mile, has gone to the trouble of marking each blind’s GPS coordinates to assist hunters in finding their hunting location at 0-dark-30.  So now, you just need to put the GPS numbers in your GPS or GPS smartphone app and you’ll know where your blind is located, even if you’re a first timer.  Of course, you’ll have to use some common sense and follow the twists and turns of the dikes to get to the blinds, not just go busting through the brush and across the middle of ponds because that’s the way the GPS points you.

As I type this the season kickoff is less than two days away so, hopefully, the above info will assist you in picking and getting to your hunting site this season.  Hope to see you out there this season!

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