Donations Needed for San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s 25th Annual Junior Waterfowl Hunt Giveaway

On February 2nd, 2019, one week after the last regular season hunt day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area, Junior Hunters will have a unique opportunity to end the season on a high note by participating in the 25th Annual Junior Waterfowl Hunt.  Traditionally the hunting on this day has been great to fantastic, attributed to the fact that the birds have had a week off and we’re then a week deeper into the migration.

Of course, besides the hunting, one of the great things about the SJWA Junior Hunt is the lunch and giveaway at mid-day.  The Junior Hunters hunt cards are entered into a drawing for all kinds of great prizes and usually there’s enough to go around that the Junior Hunters walk away with at least two giveaway prizes each!  The San Jacinto Staff puts in a lot of work on this Junior Hunt as do many volunteers. The SJ crew and the volunteers truly believe the annual San Jacinto Wildlife Area Junior Hunt is an important event to pique the interest of our up and coming Junior Hunters who will be the future of hunting in California.

This year, being the 25th Annual Junior Hunt, it would be nice to see a flood of donations for the giveaway prizes to make a really impressive show for our great Junior Hunters.

In 2015 there was a change in state policy regarding donations for the annual Junior Hunt.  Per the change in policy, by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, donations of money, food or merchandise cannot be accepted unless the donations go through a formal acceptance procedure. (You can read SoCalHunt’s post on the 2015 donation procedures change at this link:  )

I should note that this donation procedure will not affect San Jacinto’s Annual Toy Drive for the Bryant Park Preschool as, in that case, they are just collecting the toys for the preschool and the donated toys are not being donated to the DFW, they are just the middle-man in that situation so the toy box will be at the check station as usual.  There is no formal acceptance procedure required for the Toy Drive donations.

So, if you are of a mind to contribute anything to the Annual Junior Hunt, which will be held on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 this season, you need to contact Tom Trakes at either his phone at 951-236-3040 or email at by January 15th,  2019.

To break it down for you though, after you wade through all the State bureaucratic mess, what it boils down to is sending Tom Trakes a simple email detailing what you intend to donate.  To make it easy I’ve included a link below to the SoCalHunt website’s “Maps and Downloads” page.  At the very bottom of this page, I’ve posted a link to an MS Word file of an example email to send to Tom Trakes so you can make your donation.  Just follow the instructions at the top of the Word file. Just copy and paste this into an email and plug in what you’re donating and the details in the underlined sections.  The Donation Email MS Word file will be found at the very bottom of the SoCalHunt website’s “Maps and Downloads” page. Just click on it to download the Word file to your computer.

Hopefully, this season’s Junior Hunt will be a record event, both in birds harvested and giveaway prizes donated.  This is a great opportunity to show our Junior Hunters how much we value them as the future of our sport, so I hope you can contribute to this great cause.

Thanks in advance to all who can donate and/or volunteer this year!

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