Notes on Kern National Wildlife Refuge and the Shutdown

Just before the current Government Shutdown went into effect SoCalHunt reached out to the Kern National Wildlife Refuge regarding the effect the shutdown would have on their hunting program due to Kern NWR being a Federal Refuge.  On 12/20/18 at 9:49 am SoCalHunt was advised by a Kern Staff Member, via Facebook messaging, that…“the government shutdown will not affect the hunting program. The hunting program is run by the State, so hunting will still be allowed.”

Not surprisingly SoCalHunt hasn’t received any hunt result information from Kern since the shutdown.  Although I don’t have any definite information on this, I surmise that the hunt results are compiled by the Federal Employees of Kern NWR, as they come in a different form from those that SoCalHunt receives from San Jacinto and Wister.

This morning (12/26/18) the following was posted on the Kern NWR Facebook page…“Due to the federal government shutdown, this account will not be active until further notice. More information at”

The link for more info above doesn’t really clarify the situation regarding the hunting program at Kern (but you can look it over if you want).  Although, if the information SoCalHunt received on the 20th is accurate, which I have no reason to doubt, the hunting program should not be affected.

In an effort to ensure SoCalHunt is putting out accurate information we reached out to a California DFW Senior Official and was told “Last I heard on a managers coordination call Kern is supposed to still operate its hunt program but nothing else. No phone calls no nothing except staff working the hunter check station. That was the last I heard heading into the shutdown.”  He also went on to say, “I’m suggesting to those that call me is to go and not lose a reservation opportunity. So far nobody has called me back saying it was closed on Saturday.”

So, the best information SoCalHunt has is that Kern NWR is still going to be hunting but we’re not going to get any hunt result reports from them until after the Government Shutdown.  Obviously, we can only report on what we are told so just be aware of this when relying on this information to decide on making the drive to Kern.

This is the latest info SoCalHunt has on the Kern NWR during the Government Shutdown.  If SoCalHunt gets any further or different info you can be assured it will be posted here ASAP.  We always strive to put out accurate information to our fellow hunters, which is why we went to the trouble of contacting a Senior DFW Official to attempt to confirm it.

Of course, whenever Kern NWR starts to release their hunting results reports we will catch up on those reports as the info comes in.  Thanks for your patience on this.


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