Follow Up – Notes on Kern National Wildlife Refuge and the Shutdown

Now that the Government Shutdown is over, at least temporally, SoCalHunt has again reached out to the Kern National Wildlife Refuge regarding the publication of the hunt results since the shutdown went into effect.

We, as hunters, should be thankful that the hunting program at Kern NWR was allowed to continue despite the shutdown.

As you probably know, even though hunting continued, SoCalHunt didn’t receive any hunt results from Kern.  So far, since the shutdown ended, SoCalHunt hasn’t received any hunt result information from Kern from the point the shutdown started until the end of the season.  This is understandable since the season is over (except for the Junior Hunt day coming up this Saturday) it is not a priority to publish this information.  There are plenty of habitat management priorities to get up and running before the Kern Staff gets to this.  SoCalHunt did contact a member of the Kern Staff and was assured that they would publish this information after other priorities are taken care of.

This is the latest info SoCalHunt has from Kern NWR regarding the end of the Government Shutdown.  As soon as SoCalHunt gets Kern’s hunt results info you can be assured, it will be posted here ASAP.

Again, thanks for your patience regarding the missing info during the shutdown.  I’m sure the Kern NWR Staff appreciates your patience also.


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