San Jacinto Wildlife Area Ready for the 2019/2020 Season – New Maps Available – Info for Opener

Once again, due to the efforts of the best Staff of any Wildlife Area in the state, the San Jacinto Wildlife Area is primed and ready to go for the 2019/2020 waterfowl season.  At 3 am, Saturday, October 19th the first reservation holder will belly up to the bar, so to speak, and pick their spot kicking off another great season at San Jacinto.

Tom Trakes, Wildlife Habitat Supervisor at San Jacinto Wildlife area wanted me to pass along a few tips and get the info out there that there are additional blinds this season (thanks to Mystic Lake) and provide a download link for anyone wishing to get a copy of the maps and area regulations.

First off, due to the extra blinds this season, it will be important for the reservation line, and the sweatline after that to move through the check station as quickly as possible.  It is important, to speed things along, that hunters have their fed stamp signed and their type A day pass filled out when they come up to the counter to pick their spot.  A table and pens will be provided just outside the check station for hunters to fill out their type A waterfowl passes and to make sure the federal duck stamp is signed before entering the check station.  Also, if you have a fishing license and maybe a deer tag or a pig tag it would also speed things along if those were separated into another part of your wallet, or wherever you keep that stuff, so you don’t have to dig through a pile of those skinny l-o-n-g license forms to find your hunting license and type A pass.  The more efficient everyone is the quicker they can get out to the blinds to set up.  This will be even more important after the time change when start time will be an hour earlier.  There are 65 blinds this season compared to the 50 we had last season and some of them are a good distance from the check station so it’s important to get everybody going in the morning.

Tom also wanted me to mention that they’ll have a coffee pot going for the opener and anyone that wants to bring a box of donuts or some muffins or whatever to share should feel free to do so.

Also, Tom provided SoCalHunt with new blind maps for San Jacinto’s usual duck hunting area along with a detailed map of the new Mystic Lake blinds and the access roads/trails to each of them.  Also, for the Mystic blinds Tom provided a page of GPS locations for the blinds so you can use a GPS to get to the exact spot. (Last year’s GPS page for the regular blinds is still the same).  You can download a copy of everything at SoCalHunt’s web page at:

…got to the “Maps and Downloads” page and scroll down to find what you need.  Just click on them to download a copy.

Everything is ready to go at SJ and its t-minus about a day and a half until the ducks begin to fall as I write this.  Hope you have a great season out at good old San Jacinto Wildlife Area!

11/30/21 – Mystic Lake map and GPS blind locations have been removed as Mystic Lake has mostly evaporated (it’s about 1/4 of the size it was when this was written) and these are no longer accurate.  See SoCalHunt’s website Maps and Downloads page for up to date maps at…

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